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Champions League


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What do you guys think of the draw then? I think it's been quite favourable on Liverpool and Bayern but still work to do for both.

Champions League quarter-final draw

Chelsea vs Real Madrid

Manchester City vs Atletico Madrid

Villarreal vs Bayern Munich

Benfica vs Liverpool

Champions League semi-final draw

Manchester City or Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea or Real Madrid

Benfica or Liverpool vs Villarreal or Bayern Munich

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I can see Benfica, shocking Liverpool 😉  I can't see Chelsea going through against Real Madrid. Especially with Benzema, on fire!

My gut feeling in the final will be Atletico Madrid v Bayern.

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It could easily be 4 or 5 at this stage to be honest. Benfica with one or two chances too but nothing major.

Salah could have and probably should have made it 3-0 just before half time.

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Me too mate I was one goal out in both. Very sloppy second half performance by Liverpool who probably thought game over at half time.

Great to get a 3-1 win and bring Thiago, Mane and Salah off after an hour.

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