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What other games you play?

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As the title says: What other games do you play? I also have an old Xbox where I sometimes game on, but I have always been more of a PC person myself. Although that opinion has changed a little over the years, as I prefer playing some games such as FIFA, GTA and games like that on a console rather than the PC... Always better throwing the controller away than smashing your laptop when things don't work as you want them to... ? 

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I try to play FIFA every now and again and I say try as I'm terrible at it ? 

I've also downloaded some of the original Mortal Kombat games after the movie came out. They did seem a bit better back in the day if I'm honest ? 

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I play FIFA, and like you I am terrible at it too, but sometimes I play it to kill time. But I obviously prefer FM for football because it is way more realistic... Plus that FIFA21 has not changed at all compared to FIFA20.. Gameplay and graphic-wise I can't see any differences... Recently I only play FM22, although I have Gamepass Ultimate for Xbox. But I like a game of GTA at times too, it is just too fun

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