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FMG Red Bull Group Database

I've been working on this new database over the weekend to work along side our FMG Red Bull kits and logos and so far I've completed 12 new teams in this database.

This will take a week or two to complete but I'm happy with how it's developed so far with over 2,000 changes made.

Our FMG Design Factory has come up with 52 teams so far and the plan is to include them and any further requests into this database. The idea is to replace a team with a new Red Bull version but I have chosen not to simply rename the team but create a new one and move all staff, player, history etc. This way I don't upset anyones graphics packs! The old team is then made extinct in the database.

The completed teams can be seen below as well as the full list of teams that will be created based on the work already done on logos and kits.

I'd like all your input on the below items if possible.


  • The FMG Red Bull Group Database will be released with all graphics included for members.
  • Teams of all levels will be included, not just top division teams.
  • Each team will have 3 logos (2 alternatives) and 3 kits included in the pack.
  • All logos will available in each of our nine styles here at FMG.
  • Red Bull Super League to be introduced which may be a Summer Tournament containing all teams.


  • Should teams receive a reputation increase now that they are part of the Red Bull group?
  • Should teams receive an increase in finances now that they are part of the Red Bull group?
  • Any suggestions or thoughts on this idea? 😀


Red Bull Barcelona


Red Bull Belfast


Red Bull Belgrade


Red Bull Berlin


Red Bull Besançon


Red Bull Brugge


Red Bull Buenos Aires


Red Bull Bursa


Red Bull Cape Town


Red Bull Cape Verde


Red Bull Casablanca


Red Bull Chicago


Full list of teams to date

  • Red Bull Barcelona => Replaced FC Barcelona
  • Red Bull Belfast => Replaced Glentoran
  • Red Bull Belgrade => Replaced Partizan Belgrade
  • Red Bull Berlin => Replaced Union Berlin
  • Red Bull Besançon => Replaced Racing Besançon
  • Red Bull Brugge => Replaced Club Brugge
  • Red Bull Buenos Aires => Replaced CA Huracan
  • Red Bull Bursa => Replaced Bursaspor
  • Red Bull Cape Town => Replaced Cape Town City
  • Red Bull Cape Verde => Replaced CS Mindelense
  • Red Bull Casablanca => Replaced Wydad AC
  • Red Bull Chicago => Replaced Chicago Fire
  • Red Bull Coventry =>
  • Red Bull Dublin =>
  • Red Bull Edinburgh =>
  • Red Bull Geneva =>
  • Red Bull Guangzhou =>
  • Red Bull Istanbul => 
  • Red Bull Karlsbergs => 
  • Red Bull Kingston => 
  • Red Bull Kuwait => 
  • Red Bull Kyiv => 
  • Red Bull Liberec => 
  • Red Bull Lille => 
  • Red Bull Lisbon => 
  • Red Bull London => 
  • Red Bull Manchester => 
  • Red Bull Marseille => 
  • Red Bull Medellin => 
  • Red Bull Mexico City => 
  • Red Bull Newcastle => 
  • Red Bull Oldham => 
  • Red Bull Panileiakos => 
  • Red Bull Paris => 
  • Red Bull Recreativo Balompie de Huelva => 
  • Red Bull Roma => 
  • Red Bull Santiago => 
  • Red Bull Sheffield => 
  • Red Bull Sparta Goeferdinge => 
  • Red Bull Strasbourg => 
  • Red Bull Sydney => 
  • Red Bull The Hague => 
  • Red Bull Timisoara => 
  • Red Bull Tokyo => 
  • Red Bull Toronto => 
  • Red Bull Uppsala => 
  • Red Bull Varna => 
  • Red Bull Venice => 
  • Red Bull Vila Nova de Gaia => 
  • Red Bull Volta Redonda => 
  • Red Bull York => 

Graphics pack

You can download the FMG Red Bull Group graphics pack now which contains 154 logos and 154 kits in total to cover all teams.


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what i've done in my db, is to give all the rb teams about 6000 reputation.

i also gave them max attendance so they quickly do plans for new stadiums

not very sure about giving everyone a sugradaddy, will make them giants pretty fast

i think the pre-season tournament could give them  a lot of prize money

in my opinion there shouldnt be 2+ rb teams in any league (like leipzig and newborn berlin for example)  (did it in my db, because i included the british isles mod, so i ended with 4 rb teams in the same division at some point. lol. (york, edinburgh, dublin, belfast)

the summer tournament is quite tricky tho, hasnt worked properly for me yet


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I like the idea of maxing out the attendances for sure but think a percentage increase in rep my be the way to go as some teams are lower league.

I haven't attempted the Super League yet as I'm still working through the teams at the moment. I think it would be cool though if I can sort it out.

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21 hours ago, ribeira2 said:

thank you Derek, would it be possible to make a RB Oostende (Belgium) their colors are red-yellow-green their ID nr in game is 233
thanks in advance, and patiently awaiting a DB from the RB group

No problem mate. I've still a bit to do to get this finished but I'll add RB Oostende for sure. I'll post the logos and kits in the graphics thread when they are completed.

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