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FMG Backgrounds Megapack - OUT NOW!!! Over 70,000 Backgrounds


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Clubs: 64,598

Competitions: 6,299

Nations: 266

Confederations: 7

Default: 1

Total: 70,905

A big thank to the research team as FMG Backgrounds passes 70,000 backgrounds!
Start by downloading both FMG Backgrounds Megapack parts and place in the below folder. 
You MUST download both parts as they only work as a collection.
C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\graphics
Once you’ve done this you will need to select both parts at once and extract them using your chosen application. I have tested this on both Mac using Keka and Windows using Winrar.
This will create a single file named FMG Backgrounds Megapack.
Then simply reload your skin and enjoy using in Football Manager.
If you like FMG Backgrounds please check out the FMG Logos Megapack to complete the collection.


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4 hours ago, DanishSnufkin said:

Im not sure what im doing wrong. Because when i extract both files, it tells me that the non folder one is corrupted. 🤔

I just downloaded them myself, and its working for me.

However, you might need to download file 001 again.

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