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Limavady United - NI Adventure

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So, first game of FM22 I decided to do something different. Since getting together with my partner last year, we have been going across the Irish sea to Northern Ireland. She comes from Whitehead, and I must admit, I loved it over there. I dont really know much about the footy teams out there, but I was at Carrick Rangers' ground while I was there.


So, to FM22. I loaded all leagues from the UK and Ireland, plus added the Dutch leagues. I added my manager with no badges and Sunday League rep, then started unemployed. Applied for a few English based jobs but got nowhere, then the Limavady United job came up, so I thought why not.

Was an interesting season, majority of it I was top of the league. However, inconsistency in the second half of the season caused a few squeaky bum moments. It went to the final game of the season, but managed to win the league with an 88th minute goal. I am also in the final of one of the cups (cant remember which). Throughout the season, I was mainly using a flat 4-5-1, until the last few games, I used a 5-3-2 DM WB. Now I must admit, In previous versions I always used downloaded tactics. However, FM21 and now FM22, I'm trying my own.

So, promotion had, and a cup final to look forward too. My contract is up at the end of the season so I will see where it takes me.

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Well done on the promotion and good luck with the cup final mate! It's always interesting managing in leagues that your unfamiliar with and starting out at that level is difficult.

Trying to build a team on free transfers makes it a challenge too as most of the time theres no real budget for transfers. It will be interesting to see how your career progresses and maybe a move to the Dutch leagues in the future.

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Haven't forgotten about this thread, just takes me a lot longer to get through a season these days.

So, I am up to Christmas in the 2nd season with Limavady. Doing no too bad, sitting 4th at the moment when I was predicted to be one of the relegation favourites.


 I have a good squad, core of which got me promoted.


 I am currently using 2 main tactics. A 442 i created for this season, and my trusted 451 that got me promoted. I am no tactician, I do usually download them. But I am pretty proud of these. However any advice you can give me to improve defence, and scoring would be great.


I have been offered 2 jobs in the League, one of which was Ballyclare. I was tempted as that is where my Mrs mum lives, and I was there for the Bonfires in july. But I did turn it down to continue with Limavady.

 So will probably be back in another week when I finally finish the season haha.

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So, the season has finished, this is how it ended:


 So, i managed to finish 3rd, honestly unreal! So off to the playoffs. Lost the first leg 3-1 away to Newry. However, turned it around at home, won the game 2-0, went to ET, then penalties, won that to set up a final against H&W Welders:


 Needless to say, I was happy with that!!


So onwards and upwards?


 Must admit, applied for a few jobs closer to home. Do I take them? No sure. Morton and Hamilton accies to me to pee off, but Stirling, 40 mins along the road from me, offered me a job...

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So yea, I jumped ship and I am at Stirling albion in Scotland, its great to be home lol.

When I took over, it was a threadbare squad. I managed to get Celtic as a parent club and a few loans.


Got the group of death in the premier sports cup, lost against the bigger sides but neat East Fife so I am happy.


 Let see how long I last or whether I go back to Limavady lol


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Posted by: @parsdaft1983

It was an horrendous game haha. WE doing ok, but thee last few months seem to be getting harder. In the semi final of the challenge cup against the mighty Pars so looking forward to that. My best striker ha 27 goals in 35 apps, got him on loan the next season too so chuffed with that.

Lol up against the Pars! Are you putting your reserves out for that game to give the Pars the win!  ? 

Great that you've got Naglik again for next season.

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Thats the season finished and guess what, I went up as champions!! ? ? 


Been a brilliant first season back in Scotland, been delighted with majority of the squad. Gutted to be losing a few but hopefully I can keep the bulk and bring in some more quality.


Those last set of fixtures there, I changed my tactic to this:


For once i created my own tactic and it worked very well, apart from the last 2 games but the league was wrapped up by then haha


Oh, and got royally pumped by the Pars ? ? 

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Brilliant mate well done! Great result getting promoted and as champions.

Naglik, McGregor and Gillespie had great seasons. 31 goals for Naglik was great and I can see why your happy to keep him for next season!

I'm positive you played the reserves against the Pars though! ? ? ? 

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