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4231 Fast Counter

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in this topic, I want to show you how you can actually play COUNTER, For many teams, shape 4231 is accessible, requiring no special super gifted players.

I started my career as unemployed, until the call of Le Havre, these are their results before my arrival.



very very bad .....and now the results with my 4231



a big change, primarily due to the tactical change, without the possibility of making the transfer market, I tried to optimize the roles, 

not considering the players on the basis of their importance, but on their skills role by role.


In possesion:


what is most important in this tactic, the transition phase:


Not possesion phase:


I will not put the download of the tactic, as I think that each of us can with a standard basis adapt the individual instructions to their liking, for questions, considerations or simply to talk about how we would like to set everything up, post here and I will gladly answer you.

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