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International Logos in packs

International Logos  

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  1. 1. Which logos do you prefer as the main logo in FMG packs?

    • Team Logos
    • Federation Logos

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I've discussed this with some of you recently I'm considering revamping the International logos folder and I'd be interested to see the opinions of the community.

The question is what would you prefer as the main International logo; team logos or federation logos?

Please give your opinions below or simply use the poll provided.

Team Logos - This would mean the current logo on the Nations jersey being the main logo in the pack and the federation logo being in the alternatives folder.

Federations Logos - This option would see the team logos added to the alternatives folder and federations logo as the main logo.

Other - If a Nation only has one logo for both then obviously that will be the only option to choose.


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i would go with federation logos, as that is the kind of logo every federation has. i believe in the next ten years or so, most national sides will have their own logo (the so-called »bigger« nations have individual logos for the female and male teams even), but currently that is not the case, so you’d still end up with a mix of federation logos and team logos, and not one consistent category of logos.

however, i’d again want to point out that i’m not playing fm, so this isn’t a vote, just something to consider.

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7 hours ago, Number Seven said:

Team logos all the way for me. I like to see ingame what I see on the players shirt.

I'm the same but I think we have been out voted 🤣🤣

They will be in the alternatives folder though!

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