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Found 9 results

  1. DF11 Faces Megapack 2023 Thanks to @Jeff and his amazing team at DF11 Faces we now have the updated megapack for FM23 containing 185,777 faces. Two versions are available with a regular 16GB version and a new 5GB version available thanks to @Footygamer.
  2. DF11 Illustrated Faces Update 1 for FM23 We've partnered with @Jeff and the DF11 Faces team to transform their fantastic work into DF11 Illustrated.
  3. DF11 Illustrated NewGan Facepack We've teamed up with the fantastic DF11 team to bring you an alternative illustrated version of their new DF11 NewGan Facepack. @Jeff
  4. DF11 NewGan Facepack The DF11 NewGan Facepack is a multicultured pack of 30.000 faces for usage in Football Manager. The NewGan facepack of which we use the original player images, comes from the popular NewGan project that Zealand and his team created in 2020. With permission from Zealand the DF11 team were able to use their Newgan project as a base for this new DF11 NewGan facepack. Thanks to the UI (user interface) that Zealand and his team have created, the NewGan faces are linked to players based on their origin. How cool is that! With this, players from all parts of the world will actually be recognizable by their appearance. To make the faces suitable for DF11 portrait style Warringtini developed a template (neck + shirt). With his fully automated template the DF11 NewGan faces were created. After an initial quality check done by the DF11 graphics team, 30,000 NewGan faces have now been released for use in your Football Manager game. @Jeff
  5. DF11 Illustrated Update 1 Based on the DF11 Faces Update 10 pack by @Jeff and the DF11 Team, reimagined by Football Manager Graphics. 2,260 Faces.
  6. DF11 Illustrated Regens (FM21) This is a great addon pack for all FM21 users. We've recreated the amazing DF11 Faces Regan pack in an illustrated style to match the DF11 Illustrated Megapack. The DF11 Illustrated Regens will form the faces of all FUTURE youth players generated by your FM2021 game. After the first new youth batch is generated by FM21 (by the end of the season) the DF11 Regen faces will become visible in your game. 20,000 Faces - 1 Million Regens
  7. We've joined forces with the amazing DF11 Faces team to bring you the DF11 Illustrated Megapack. This is the first project for the two sites with more to follow in the DF11 Reimagined Series by FMG. We will also provide monthly packs for this style using the updates provided by the DF11 team. The DF11 Illustrated packs includes all the original DF11 Faces in an illustrated style. The DF Illustrated pack contains 180,477 faces with a total size of 5.46GB.
  8. We are delighted to announce that Football Manager Graphics has agreed an extended partnership with DF11 Faces. This partnership will see Football Manager Graphics work with the amazing DF11 Faces team to create a series of reimagined megapacks based on the community favourite. The first of which is the new DF11 Illustrated Megapack which features all 180,000+ faces from the original pack as created by DF11 Faces in a cartoon/illustrated style. We are extremely happy to work with Jeff and his great team and plan to add more options for the entire community to enjoy over the coming months. Derek
  9. DF11 Illustrated Default Faces The DF11 Default faces appear in your game with players and staff if a DF11 face is missing for that person. Complete your game with these illustrated DF11 default faces for a uniform DF11 look! Based on the DF11 Faces Default Pack and reimagined by FMG.
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