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  2. Personally I prefer without but we had this debate previously and decided that the official logos should be used whether they have stars or not. If an official logos has a star or stars a version without stars can be added to the alternatives folders.
  3. I have a question to make sure I am not thinking this wrong. Should the logos have stars? I think it has some inconsistency with the logos because some teams that usually have stars on the logo (such as Bayern, Dortmund, Inter, etc.) do not have stars on their pack logo, and some (Ajax, Marseille, etc.) do have them. Same goes with national teams. I think it would be much better to remove them, but I just want to know if that is how it is supposed to be or something else. Thanks.
  4. Football teams, especially smaller ones, rely on an online logo creator called designevo.com. This website offers a wide range of templates that are highly recognisable, making it easy for teams to create a logo. The idea is that you can also use designevo.com to recreate the team's logo. By selecting the same template and customising it to match the team's colours and other design elements, you can create a logo that closely resembles the original. The link for football logos is https://www.designevo.com/create/logos/football.html For example, here is Verwood Athletic Football Club, they are not in FM, I am just using them as an example This is the template used: https://www.designevo.com/apps/logo/?name=star-soccer-ball-badge That is all I wanted to share, I didn't recreate the logo because it is in pretty high resolution, and there would be no need because of the team's absence in the game.
  5. Simple and clear procedure that will allow us to be more efficient. I valid...
  6. That's no problem on my end mate but let's avoid PM's please and keep everything in the thread for transparency. So yes I agree.
  7. @AndreaSSL1900 @Derek Don't put or add new logos when a team change her name or a new team appears for another, you have to wait for the new FM to come out or send me a PM and I see if change the ID in the DB. Why? Because we change logos that may not have to be changed and the pack looks bad.
  8. Feel free to comment guys and make your own suggestions on how to improve things. I'm more open to anything, apart from my process which works well for me presently.
  9. i appreciate this. as a normal user, however, i believe that it is absolutely critical to make people understand how much work and time is involved on your part to keep the updates and the site rolling. it's one thing to do research and collect/upload logos, another one to put everything together, convert it and run it through templates, then upload and bla bla bla, you get the point. a little effort and scrutiny in the early update stages goes a long way and will benefit everyone who plays the game. to paraphrase a saying common among doctors: it's better to prevent than to correct (heal). i'll add more suggestions for the individual research and quality control guidelines when i have free time to write it up.
  10. Hi All Over the past number of updates there have been some errors in packs which have led to mistakes being made or old logos being added which I've discussed with some of you in the forum and personal messages. We have discussed this which has led to an agreement that there is a need for clear guidelines to help address these issues. So with that in mind I felt it was best option was to open up a discussion thread here to allow researchers and members to help decide these guidelines that we will use going forward. I also felt it best to explain how I work each month to create the packs which is outlined below for your review. I always place a post in the Logo Update Thread to inform everyone when the updates have started and that is used a starting point for me when I'm collecting the following months logos. Monthly Updates Schedule Collect each logo from the Logo Update Thread, individual logo style threads and personal messages. Typically 1,000-3,000 per month. Each post is reviewed incase a logo has been flagged by a member or researcher but inevitably something will be missed. Start improving logos and at this point inform everyone the updates have begun. I then begin to create each of the 10 monthly packs. Release each pack here on FMG and then on Sortitoutsi. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter schedules are then set up for the coming month (Please like, follow and share ) This entire process, depending on logo quantities, takes me approximately 3-4 days from start to finish each month. Due to working on logos, kits and facepacks it means it's near impossible at this stage for me to verify logos and I rely on everyone to help out when possible. So with that in mind I'd like to open the discussion and will just add a few of my own points. Going forward all logos and packs must be posted in the Logo Update Thread only. PM's are always welcome anytime but not for logo updates or requests please. This will allow everyone to check and verify logos while helping forum activity. Order for posting logos should be team/comp name and ID followed by the logo. Then repeat for each logo, as this helps avoid ID mistakes for posts that contain many logos. If I miss a logo or make a mistake, which happens, please bare with me and simply repost if possible. Feel free to let me know if I've f**cked up! I'm really keen to express my gratitude to everyone who takes the time out of their personal lives to research the packs and help create so many styles for the FM community to enjoy. It's also important to me that this discussion or the resulting guidelines do not discourage anyone from posting logos on FMG, as this is not a witch-hunt but merely an open discussion to improve packs going forward. Thanks everyone. @AndreaSSL1900 @cameosis @spankz @Markitos @rioplworks @kristo @heva. @minky79 @ateesz @douyilmaz @Moondog777 @Manojl76 @NassFas
  11. @cameosis great tip with svg gobbler, thanks
  12. Thanks guys for your help. Great work as usual.
  13. I didn't know if you saw this so I wanted to repost.
  14. here they are: i have saved all the links in an excel file to facilitate sharing, albeit access as a database application works just as well and i use that, too. there are different tabs to separate the links according to their main purpose or location -- the ones derek added to the first post are in the uefa tab, and i’ll pick some to illustrate what the titles and comments mean. match results: self-explanatory -- can be very helpful when lower leagues are covered to find out the name of the club/league/division. often includes logos. database: very helpful when you want to look up historic names of clubs/leagues, find out if and with who they have merged or have been absorbed and so forth. logo database: the category that interests logo hunters most. sometimes a site that i classified as match results or (general) database has a huge number of logos in good size, but then i chose the category after its main purpose (coverage of competitions or presentation of graphics). active: in hindsight, i should have written online. there are sites that are still online, but no longer updated or maintained. in any case, here is my first tip when you have a defunct web site, you can still access it through web archive/wayback machine, have a look: great football (ukrainian site) - offline go to web archive/wayback machine, copy the url into the search mask and then pick a snapshot of the site. here is one to show you an example: great football accessed through wayback machine another helpful browser add-on is svg gobbler. many club or federation web sites have svg files and with that add-on you can sometimes find them easier: svg gobbler final note: recommended means basically that the site is so good that you should have a look there first (in cases where there are several sites covering the same topic).
  15. Perfect thanks mate Edit: Further links by @cameosis added. Thanks again mate.
  16. cheers, derek. a few tips/comments on my part are in order to make the most out of the links, i'll add them once i'm in front of the laptop, don't want to type longer texts on a mobile phone ...
  17. The first post has been updated with an extensive list provided by @cameosis Thanks for your help mate.
  18. Thanks for all the helpful links @cameosis. They will be a big help to all of us. That's a shame how it went down for you with vflnet. Unfortunately I've had similar situations and even in the most recent past with people selling packs as their own.
  19. if some of you work with vectors, i can put together packages by country, they're unsorted and not processed yet (meaning i haven't inspected and overhauled them), but they include the vectors from vflnet among other sources.
  20. beaufays profited from a number of skilled and talented contributors, first and foremost jakub malicki, who has rebranded many polish clubs and even sections of the polish fa: kubamalicki.com he's involved with http://www.90minut.pl/ and if you look for polish logos, this is a very good source and first stop. for turkish logos, go to http://www.futbollogo.com/ - png files, good sizes, cover historic and alternative logos as well. more links later.
  21. the original vector website that focused on football logos was hqfl.dk - high quality football logos - but they have disappeared as well, they were active in the early 2000s. if someone remembers football11.net, i have a site rip. the size of the logos was pretty small, often the logos were incorrect or from futsal clubs, but i keep it as an important source of historic logos, he welcomed uploads and so many rare logos were added. they were hacked in 2011, sadly and the admin abandoned the project.
  22. Oh wow! I obviously didn't know that, but yes, that is the site I was talking about. Shame it went down like that for you... I liked that project, and what they did, but your story puts it in a whole other light
  23. you probably mean vflnet.com it was run by an individual called johnny beaufays. many years ago i had offered to contribute vector logos and was turned down in a very unpleasant way, he claimed i didn't have the necessary skills to add anything to the project. then later i found the very same vector logos that i had drawn and submitted on the site, credited to him ... i called him out on facebook on appropriating other people's work as his own, which he denied. the website did go offline some time after that, however.
  24. https://www.brandsoftheworld.com/ definitely a highly recommended site, there are continuous and frequent uploads of international football logos. https://seeklogo.com/ has many logos available that botw had to remove at the request of fifa, uefa, conmebol et al. https://yandex.com/images/touch/ image search that is often superior to google's. especially strong regarding ex-soviet union. will post more links later.
  25. Doesn't brands of the world have vector logos of various clubs anymore? I also remember a Dutch/Belgian website that was full of vector logos made by themselves but I think it is offline

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